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Upselling is a vital function of many firm’s growth strategy after the initial sale. Whether executed by a company’s Account Managers or by the business’s service team it as an essential, tried and true part of expanding business within existing accounts.

Downselling is something altogether different as it involves intentionally selling less to a prospect than they originally intended to buy on the front end of the sale.

I first began considering this question after reading Dan Pink’s most recent book “To Sell Is Human.” If you haven’t read it yet put it on your list. There was significant research presented in the book to indicate that a savvy seller might be better served helping clients “find problems” rather than the more traditional role of a “problem solver.”

Given the popularity of the "sales enablement" movement and the articles associated with the same you could come away thinking that all you need to succeed in sales is the hottest technology. Not so fast, says Sandler Training President Chuck Terry!

What are 5 key behaviors that are common in top sales producers? Our President Chuck Terry draws the answer from working many years with top producers in hundreds of industries.

Are sales people about to go the way of the buggy whip? Not by a long shot according to Sandler Training in Lone Tree President Chuck Terry.

What do the laws of a complex science like physics have to do with generating sales leads? More than you might think!

Quickly now, write down three things that differentiate your company from your competition. Now imagine I ask your competitors the same question. Do you think their answers might sound pretty similar?

I believe one of the most underrated traits of highly successful sellers is good old, garden variety, curiosity. If you want to be the most interesting person in ANY room become the most interested person in the room. In other words, be curious.


What does a detective, an improv actor and a salesperson have in common? No, this isn't a setup for a joke but an exploration into the tricky world of active listening.