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22 Accountability Management Event

Learn HOW to Hold Your Team Accountable

Join Us on March 22nd from 11am to 12pm MT for This Virtual Complimentary Session.
Presented by Chuck Terry | Sandler Denver

Holding your Team Accountable . . .

This is one of the major challenges of managing a team – regardless of whether it’s a traditional team where people show up for work at a central physical location, or a team working remotely, or a team at a call center.

We always get asked by leaders and managers…WHAT is the best way to do this? And HOW do you do it without falling into the trap of micromanaging people?
What You Will Learn
• How to motivate others
• What tools and behaviors are needed to stay on track and on your radar
• What it takes to become an excellent organization with coaching & accountability strategies
• Identifying other potential blind spots that might be holding you back

Chuck Terry, Sandler | Denver

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