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There is something nearly magical about this time of year.  No, it isn’t the snow globes, the gifts, or the brightly colored lawn ornaments.  It is the changing of the New Year.  One simple turn of the calendar page evokes the mental sensation of a fresh start.  We dreamily imagine ourselves eating healthier food, working out six days a week and quitting all of the bad habits we’ve picked up over years passed.  You may question...  What will make this year any different?  How can I set goals I will actually stick to?

Your goals should be specific, vivid, measurable, and motivating.

1. Begin at the End:  Write down how and where you would like to see yourself and/or your business one year from now.  You may even want to cut out pictures and words which remind you of these things to keep in front of your as reminders throughout the year.

2. Establish a timeline:  A series of logical and sequential events that need to happen in order to make your goals reality.  Make sure that these steps are both reasonable and challenging.

3. Pinpoint barriers or obstacles: You may face in the pursuit of these goals.  Get your struggles and limitations out on the table so that they can be addressed as part of your success strategy.

4. Put your plan into writing: Find several people who will be willing to hold you accountable. It helps to have others to keep you motivated along the way.


You should only embark on this journey if you are confident and fully committed to it.  When the excitement and energy of January 1st wears off will you press on ahead, or turn back, pushing things off one more year.


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