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SalesGrowth MD, Inc. | Denver/ Englewood, CO

Mike Montague interviews Dan Stalp on how to succeed at redirecting prospects’ head trash. In this episode:

  • The prospect is NOT always right
  • What if the opposite were true? Technique
  • How to address the fact that the prospect may be their own worst problem
  • Are you screaming to your prospects that your time isn’t valuable?
  • How to qualify without letting the prospect know that’s what you’re doing
  • What to say for a last-second check to see if you should walk away
  • A great line to check with the prospect if you are wasting your time
  • How to make sure you know what the prospect means
  • A great question for the budget issue
  • Favorite Sandler rule for redirecting prospects’ head trash
  • Best attitude, behavior, and technique for redirecting prospects’ head trash

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