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Stress reactions have also been shown to be beneficial in business situations — in small doses. A recent study even states that short periods of stress can increase a person’s cognitive functions, resulting in brain power improvements. As long as we’re able to channel stress to solve problems, the body’s stress reactions can help us focus, get more done, and think more clearly.

E-mail gets a bad rap. Most of us suffer from e-mail overload as reflected by recent statistics indicating we receive anywhere from 125 to 175 emails a day in our business inbox.

Those same studies also indicate that 94 of every 100 business emails are deleted or ignored. So why bother with email as a prospecting tool?

A prospect who is listening is no prospect at all states Sandler Rule number 14. In this blog article learn an easy mnemonic tool that will help to make sure you are doing more listening than talking.

Reaching out to customers via mobile messaging has proven to be an effective strategy to grow both revenues and customer loyalty. If your business doesn’t run a mobile messaging campaign, then may be time to start.

I believe one of the most underrated traits of highly successful sellers is good old, garden variety, curiosity. If you want to be the most interesting person in ANY room become the most interested person in the room. In other words, be curious.


If you don’t start your sales calls with the end in mind, you should not be surprised when it doesn’t end up where you hoped. For example, at the end of a good presentation, your prospect leaves you with a Think-It-Over. After all, you can’t blame a prospect for doing something that you failed to emphasize is unacceptable. If you want to control what happens at the end of a sales call, focus on the beginning.

Selling to the modern, “plugged in” customer requires a different approach. 15 years ago the traditional sales approach was already reaching the breaking point in the B2B sales arena and now the “classic” sales approach of “pitching products/services” is simply not very effective .

What does a detective, an improv actor and a salesperson have in common? No, this isn't a setup for a joke but an exploration into the tricky world of active listening.

There are a number of tools managers can use to keep office politics contained and relatively harmless. These tools focus on human behavior and team-building expectations, reminding everyone involved to keep functioning as a team instead of only worrying about their individual interests. They are most effective when used repeatedly and are supported by top-down messaging. It also helps that people become invested in the team's work, versus just “working” because they have to. 

It isn't your Father's world of "Dial and Dump" cold calling any more. Today's business environment places a premium upon "authenticity" and "life skill" based sales process.