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SalesGrowth MD, Inc. | Denver/ Englewood, CO

Sandler Sales System 2-Day Boot Camp

Join Us for This Sales Bootcamp April 27th and 28th

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Sales Bootcamp Details

Join us and discover innovative ways of identifying and engaging potential buyers.

This 2-day sales training event is designed to equip sales professionals with the tools to hit annual goals, make more money and jump-start their selling careers.

Institute a step-by-step sales process that qualifies prospects quickly and with emotion so that the sale can move forward or be eliminated from your pipeline.

This intense sales training Bootcamp is the fastest way to get the core principles of the Sandler Selling System and its novel approach to the buyer-seller dance. “The Sandler Selling System is so unique,” says Chuck Terry, Sandler Trainer. “It solves so many problems that sellers are facing today – like slowing sales cycles, ineffective prospecting, and buyers who won’t make a decision. This Bootcamp gives sellers the techniques they desperately need.”

Investment: $1,900

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