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Selling to Homeowners

A Proven Process for Selling Products and Services to Consumers in Their Home

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B2C sales is different from B2B sales—presenting challenges that are unique to this sales environment.

Selling to Homeowners The Sandler Way presents Sandler principles that improve performance and have been proven to work in every in-home setting, with any product or service.

This book outlines a comprehensive in-home selling program that is low-pressure and conversational, based on the award-winning Sandler Selling System.

Selling to Homeowners The Sandler Way is designed for sales professionals who sell directly to consumers in their homes, including, but not limited to, these industries:

  • Custom-home building, Real estate, Interior Design services, and Movers
  • Siding and insulation, Window installation, Painters and Roofing
  • Landscaping, Outdoor living, Swimming pool construction/maintenance, Fencing and gates
  • Home Improvements, Remodeling, Floor coverings, Security systems, and Home Repair
  • HVAC, Plumbing and Solar panels
  • Financial planning, Insurance, and Medical Caregiving
  • Multi-level marketing (home-based business opportunities)

Selling to homeowners doesn't have to be hard

Compared to traditional business-to-business sales, selling to homeowners is rife with unique challenges and variables. In their new book Selling To Homeowners The Sandler Way, authors Kim Booker and Chip Doyle address the structures and processes that make selling to prospective homeowners a breeze.

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"'SELLING TO HOMEOWNERS' contains practical, actionable information, resources and ideas that, if put into use, will dramatically improve the results for anyone doing in-home selling. Read it, absorb it and use it! I know of no other book that addresses the challenges of in-home selling like this one. The authors have provided a useable, practical playbook for residential selling packed with tools that will rock the salesperson's world."

Victoria Downing President and Chief Inspiration Officer, Remodelers Advantage Inc.