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  According to survey data from the Families and Works Institute the average American spends more time a year in the bathroom than on vacation!


Research by Loyola University reveals that American managers are working an extra MONTH per year longer than in 1970. Americans work, on average, 137 hours per year more than their Japanese counterparts yet Japan documents 10,000 cases per year of death by over-work or “Karoosh.” What do you suppose the “Karoosh” totals are for the United States?

Below are the statistics for how much time American workers spend on vacation versus their International counterparts:

Average Annual Vacation Days

  • Italy 42
  • France 37
  • Germany 35
  • Brazil 34
  • Britain 28
  • Canada 26
  • Japan 25
  • USA 13

According to a USA Today article 40% of American workers describe their work place as “most like a real life Survivor program.” All the signs are pointing in one direction; the corporate right-sizing, down-sizing, etc. that has occurred over the last 30 years has pushed us to the breaking point. The American worker is rapidly approaching the edge and, just like the proverbial frog in hot water, the heat was turned up so slowly we didn’t even notice we were boiling!

The same survey referenced above by the Families and Work Institute cited in the first paragraph that 63% of all American employees want to work less, up from 46% in 1992. I say the time for the New American Vacation Revolution is now! We need to rebalance our personal lives with the work place and spend more time with our families recreating together.

Author Stephen Covey popularized the story of “Sharpening the Saw” as one of his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The basic concept is if you stop working so hard with a dull saw long enough to sharpen it; you will be more effective in less time. Use your vacation wisely as it might be the key to newfound business success!




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