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I confess I have been programmed to believe the harder you work the more successful you will become. Ever since I was a boy my father impressed upon me the value of hard work to the point that I sometimes feel guilty if I don’t start early and stay late.

I am not slamming good work ethic but survey after survey indicates that most Americans HATE their jobs. Parents coming home in a bad mood because of their jobs have been linked to bullying in some studies and noted author Simon Sinek contends that our jobs are killing us in his latest book “Leaders Eat Last” (click on the title to watch an amazing talk by the Simon Sinek)

I first began to suspect my long held “head trash” about working long and hard could be flawed after reading the Steven Covey classic “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”. That was the first place I read the story of the woodman who kept working harder and harder to get the same amount of work done because he didn’t take the time to stop and sharpen his saw.

Sandler Training has long professed the belief that salespeople work much too hard trying to sell using a traditional sales process that just doesn’t work anymore. When I became a Sandler disciple several years ago I decided to put the theory to the test and challenge my long held belief that long, hard work was the only path to success.

I am pleased to report that I have been more successful than ever while managing to spend more time with my family and hobbies in the process. I don’t want to sound like I have abandoned my work ethic because I still get the most out of my “pay time” activity each working day. Thanks to the tactics and strategies (and some removal of my own “head Trash”) I have learned from Sandler Training I am making money AND having more fun!




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