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My first job after college was working as an undercover detective for 5 years. Little did I know at the time that the principles I learned working undercover would still be the fundamental underpinnings of what I teach salespeople to this day.

At the time I knew nothing about the Limbic System, Reticular Activating System, or any of the physiological reasons behind my primary tactic for “selling myself” in an undercover role. All I knew was that if I could get people to like me, they eventually trusted me and that led to success as an undercover detective.

With apologies to Paul Simon, there are countless books filled with newer, better, and numerous ways for salespeople to “close” a sale.

I once did a training engagement for a firm that had previously required their sellers to “close” a MINIMUM of 15 times before leaving an appointment! Seriously? That isn’t selling it’s more like a high-pressure exercise in pissing off prospects.

According to Alex Baldwin's character in the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross" you should ALWAYS be closing. That, my friends, is old school hog wash.

Don't "fall asleep" in how you are dealing with your super star sellers. Elite sellers are a special breed but even the elite have needs from those charged with management.

For every Mark Zuckerberg “overnight success” story there are many more like Walt Disney. Walt started his fledgling film company “Laugh-O-Gram” in the early 1920’s, successfully secured financial backing, and added a staff of animators. When a big deal for his films fell through and his financial backer failed Disney couldn’t pay his people and was forced to file bankruptcy. Walt barely had enough money for a bus ticket to Hollywood where he continued to chase his dream by starting over. The second time around Walt’s fortunes turned thanks to an animated mouse named Mickey and the rest was history. What if Walt had viewed himself as a failure after his first entrepreneurial endeavor ended in bankruptcy? The world would have never had Disneyland or any of the classic family films Disney produced over his iconic career and now well beyond.

In this blog Chuck Terry presents the case that the most effective way to be a successful seller is to stop trying to sell in the first place. Read the rationale behind the non-traditional approach to selling as set forth by Sandler Training.

Are your sales professionals using a sales process to deliver consistent results? Their is a distinct difference between knowing a sales process and fully implementing it in every sales encounter.