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In the new year, many team leaders and sellers are looking for ways to IMPROVE their systems.

Here are three ideas to consider.
1) Analyze and Adjust: Your calendar never lies. If your stated priorities and focal points are not reflected upon review of your January through May calendars then they were NOT actual priorities. Adjust your priorities, adjust your cookbook, and execute as you have committed.
2) Empty the Head Trash Can: Often self-limiting beliefs, doubts, and language slip into the minds of even the most successful sellers. Spend a day monitoring mental language and eliminate words such as won't, can't and don't. Focus on where you want to go and NOT what might derail your efforts.

As Henry Ford once said, "Whether you believe you can or believe you cannot, you are right."
3) Trust the Process: Statically speaking sellers with a consistent, replicable, process for selling are almost twice as likely to close business. Following an established sales process such as the Sandler Selling System, EVERY time out will immediately lift results.

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