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SalesGrowth MD, Inc. | Denver/ Englewood, CO

Mike Montague interviews Mike Crandall about how to succeed at prospecting during the pandemic. In this episode:

  • What some people mean when they say you shouldn’t sell during a crisis
  • The right attitude to prospect the right way, right now
  • It’s unethical to sell someone something they don’t need – but it’s also unethical to not sell them something they do need
  • Remind yourself that you aren’t prospecting and selling everyone
  • Mindset, intent, and goals will help you get better at prospecting
  • Different behaviors to do during the crisis
  • Use the Sandler Success Triangle
  • The KARE model works really well right now
  • What are the “good” and “bad” questions to ask prospects right now?
  • What’s a win during a crisis?

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