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ABC was most famously explained in the speech by the sales manager played by Alec Baldwin in the David Mamet movie 'Glengarry Glen Ross.' You can check the scene out on YouTube if you don’t want to watch the entire film. Be warned, it is a highly entertaining but foul-mouthed scene.

So why shouldn’t the practice of Always Be Closing be practiced in modern selling?

Well, let’s start with the obvious: how do you like dealing with salespeople who are “always closing?” I don’t think that approach to selling has any place at all in modern B2B sales.

Here is another reason I believe in very strongly. If you are counting on a tried and true “closing tactic” to get you the business, you don’t know how to sell in the first place.

A good sales process should allow for agreement on pains and solutions as well as the budgetary concerns before you ever get to the part where you actually ask for the business. The "close" should really be nothing more than a confirmation of what you have agreed to throughout the process.

ABC - Always Be Connecting

ABC - Always Be Consulting

ABC - Always Be Collaborating

ABC - Always Be Candid

ABC - Always Be Clear

If you insist on an ABC approach to selling, the suggestions above are a few you might consider.

I think this quote says it best, especially given the confusing landscape in which we currently find ourselves.
“It is ALWAYS unethical to sell somebody something they don’t need. It is just as unethical to NOT sell somebody something they DO need.”

Forget “always be closing” and always be a resource to your prospects and clients instead. The payoff is well worth it.

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