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Welcome to the Blame Game 2017 Edition. We are living in, and, let’s face it have created, a society where EVERYTHING is someone’s fault.

Kid didn’t make the soccer team? Damn politics of youth sports.

Didn’t get the big promotion? The person who did was a weasel cheater.

Didn’t make the sale? I never really had a chance, the competition lied to get the business.

I could go on but, if you still don’t get the point, spend a few minutes watching lawyers trolling late night TV for “victims”. Unfortunately, many people in our country have a “victim” mindset where anything bad that happens to them must be someone else’s fault.

So, what can be done? Break the cycle and take total accountability for your life! At Sandler Training, we have a book called the Sandler Rules. Rule# 44 states that “If Your Foot Hurts, You’re Probably Standing on Your Own Toe.”

The point of the rule is to encourage you to stop looking for the person to blame for your foot hurting and take the accountability to change it yourself.

While this is certainly not a unique take upon adopting a “total accountability” mindset, the mindset IS unique to “winners” in business and life. Taking accountability for what happens in your life is both empowering and liberating.

The famous painter, William H. Johnson, is widely credited with the quote: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” The choice is yours, it isn’t someone else’s fault.

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