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In this episode of the How to Succeed Podcast, Emily Yepes discusses some common mistakes salespeople make when prospecting for new customers. She explains that a lot of the fear and anxiety around prospecting stems from negative beliefs salespeople have about the process. She also outlines some simple fixes for these mistakes, such as having the right attitude and focusing on the right activities.

Key Topics in this Episode

  • How to Succeed at Avoiding Common Prospecting Mistakes
  • Sales Myths and Misconceptions
  • The Ideal Attitude for Prospecting
  • The Benefits of Consistent Prospecting
  • The Power of Prospecting Cadence
  • The Power of a Concentrated Cadence in Prospecting
  • Sales Techniques for the Modern Age
  • The Benefits of Making More Phone Calls in Sales
  • Sales Prospecting: Avoiding Common Mistakes
  • The Top 3 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
  • The Importance of a Solid Digital Presence in Sales
  • The Perfect Day for Emily Yepes
  • The Power of Journaling with Standler Trainer, Mike Kunkle
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment with HubSpot

Memorable Quotes

  • "Closing is not usually the issue."
  • "Prospecting is often one of those painful topics where we start working with a new customer."
  • "I think a lot of people struggle with that."
  • "The other one you mentioned was it was on the working out analogy."
  • "If you're celebrating your clients, you're telling their stories, you're telling the stories of your prospective clients as well. And that just seems to work a lot better and stand out in that crowd of noise."
  • "A perfect day for me would be getting to work with my daughter, getting dressed on time, and eating her breakfast."


Happy Selling!


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