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It's a fast-paced world and today's salesperson needs to be one step ahead of the prospect and working as efficiently as possible. In addition, we're more connected than ever and clients and prospects expect quick turnaround times and faster response rates. While it may seem like there aren't enough hours in the day, there are more than enough apps available to us to help us manage our time, stay on task and find even greater success. Here are a few free apps that Sandler Training's associates and clients use often in their everyday life. Evernote – Evernote is a place where you can take notes from a meeting with a client, store photos of important documents and even audio record presentations you're attending. All of the content you save in Evernote is searchable and syncs with your devices – including your phone, tablet, desktop and even Outlook. Dropbox – Have you ever left the office, only to get a call from a coworker or client asking you to send over an important document that's saved on your computer – that, of course, happens to still be sitting on your desk in your office? Or have you tried to send a file to someone, only to get a response saying your email was too large and couldn't be delivered? Dropbox allows you to sync files from your computer to your smartphone, tablet and the web. It also generates links to files that you can share via email, eliminating the need to include large files as attachments. –Ready to upgrade your to-do list? allows you to sync your to-do list to the cloud, set daily reminders, set time and location reminders, and allows you to share lists with coworkers, family and friends. Check out this video to learn more about LinkedIn –Network and build connections on the go with the LinkedIn app. You can also update your profile, network and apply for jobs through the app. Learn more about how to prospect using LinkedIn here. –Need to join an online meeting while you're on the go? Download the app, which will allow you to join your meeting from wherever you are. You can even share your screen and present files from your phone or tablet. Use your pro account for expanded features. Pocket –Save articles and read later in Pocket. Keep track of interesting things you find on the web, by saving articles to this app. You can even access Pocket offline and read the articles you've saved for later. Perfect for those wifi-less moments. What apps on your smartphone or tablet help you to be more productive? Share them in the comments below
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