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A salesperson striving toward success and prospecting for new clients may think that he or she must do something grandiose to draw customers away from the competition. Occasionally, something spectacular may be just what's needed, but it's not practical to do on a regular basis. Disney employees are trained to make their amusement park guests daily experiences 1% better. This customer service model exemplifies the concept that it's the small, thoughtful gestures that often win over new customers. Incorporate the following four simple gestures into your interactions with potential clients to experience greater conversion success.

Stand Out Against the Competition Today

1. Quick Response Times. If a potential client reaches out to you via email or by phone and doesn't hear back in a timely manner, she's going to move on to the next business. Wouldn't you do the same? Many businesses get so caught up in prospecting that they forget about common sense customer service practices. Endeavor to return a phone call or respond to an email in 24 hours or less. State this policy on your website, business card or flyer to show customers you're serious. When possible, do your best to make this window of time even shorter. Clients will be impressed and won over by your diligence and the fact that you've stuck to your word.

2. Give the Gift of Time. The quickest way to lose a potential client is to make them feel rushed. Conversely, you can quickly gain clients and stand apart from the competition by making time to talk with and listen to your customers. As a busy salesperson working toward greater business success, extra time can be a hot commodity. Build extra time into your schedule when you know that you'll be speaking or meeting with potential clients. The investment of time and willingness to truly listen to clients wants and needs will gain more clients for your business than hours of busy work.

3. Learn About Your Clients. Once you've gained a new customer—winning their business over the competition—the next step is to learn more about them and their needs and likes. If you regularly visit a particular coffee shop or bakery, you've likely seen this small gesture in action; isn’t it nice to have the barista address you by name or have the baker let you know that he's got that special muffin your daughter likes? Get to know your client as a person; this can actually help you serve their business needs more efficiently and effectively.

4. Be Genuine. Phony friendliness and a half-hearted show of interest might slip under the radar when prospecting for clients. But once a client spends more time talking and working with you, she'll notice disingenuous behavior right away. Be genuine, be real, don't make promises you can't keep or say things you don't mean. Once clients catch on you'll lose credibility and trust, followed by the loss of their business. If customers can take what your words and actions at face value, they won't be interested when the competition knocks.


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