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SalesGrowth MD, Inc. | Denver/ Englewood, CO

Guest Workshop: 21st Century Prospecting Tactics

Join Us for This Complimentary Virtual Prospecting Skills Workshop:

October 10th from 10am to 11:30am  - RSVP Below!

2023 21st Cent Prospecting Event by Sandler Denver

Attention Sales Leaders and Managers...

Join this upcoming Zoom session to learn about effective prospecting skills that deliver REAL results!

This VIRTUAL workshop is the ideal session to help your team to gain some effective prospecting strategies, skills and confidence they need to consistently develop new business.

Here’s the harsh reality of prospecting: You spend at least 70% of your time being turned away or misled. A lack of results from prospecting is a frustrating situation. Discover unique prospecting strategies that leverage traditional approaches as well as new tactics like social selling.

Attendees will learn to:
- Diversify their prospecting with creative tactics 
- Eliminate prospecting activities that don’t generate qualified leads.
- Turn cold calls into warm calls and get past the gatekeeper.
- Differentiate yourself from the competition with a customized approach.
- How to use voice mail to initiate a conversation with a prospect.
- How to leverage AI as a prospecting tool
- Find the customer’s pain and get invited into their office.

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