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SalesGrowth MD, Inc. | Lone Tree, CO

Prospecting Is A Whole New Ballgame!

Still Fishing for Sales Prospects With the Same Old Bait?

What It Is: 1 Day workshop on changing the game of prospecting

What You Will Learn: How to use digital tools and other differentiated tactics to get new sales prospects

Where: Sandler Training Center in Lone Tree, Colorado

When: Friday November 3rd from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm

How Much: $199 

Included: All class materials, lunch, review USB disc, copy of the book "Prospect the Sandler Way"


The tactics of successful prospecting have changed because the customer has changed. Todays "plugged in" customer requires a different "bait" if you are hoping to reel in the "big ones."

  • "Old School" cold calling tactics are no longer as effective using the traditional approach
  • Digital prospecting techniques work great... if you know how to use them!
  • Social Selling is becoming the number one way to reach prospects... if you know how to do it!

In this 1 day, interactive workshop you will learn how to effectively leverage the telephone, social media, digital tools, and e-mail in a way that resonates with today "plugged in" customers.

You will also learn how to put them all together as part of an "inter-connecting" plan that will assure increased prospecting effectiveness.

Just ONE of the many tactics and strategies covered WILL show you how to immediately add 25 to 100 qualified prospects into your pipeline!


To Be Different, Behave Differently

Don't miss this popular 1 day workshop that will equip you with interlocking strategies and techniques to stand out from the crowd when prospecting.


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